CAPACon 2022 Virtual Lectures

CAPACon 2022 Virtual Lecture Series
(Self-Study CMEs)

CAPACon lectures are now available virtually, permitting you to earn up to 36 Category 1 CME by the end of the year!* Lecture access will be available from the date of purchase through Saturday, December 31, 2022.
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Non-Member $800
Non-Member Student  $275

Speaker Title Track
Lucy Horton General Medicine
Dri Wang & Elika Hefazi Born This Way? The Role of Early Life Stress in Adult Mental Illness Psychiatry
Kayla McLaughlin Gender-Affirming Genital Surgery General Medicine
Timothy McCreary Motivational Interviewing for Advanced Practice Clinicians Psychiatry
Jed Grant Nailed It! Management of Common Nail Pathologies General Medicine
Timothy McCreary Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Advanced Practice Clinicians Psychiatry
Anita Nelson Menopause: Turn Down the Flames General Medicine
Ji Chun Type 3 Diabetes? When it's Not the Typical Type Cool Cases
Robert Ross Osteoporosis: Latest in Diagnostic and Treatment Options General Medicine
Raja Sivamani Cases in Dermatology: Working Through Differential Diagnoses Cool Cases
Robert Ross What You Should Really Know About Peripheral Arterial Disease General Medicine
Jennifer Carlquist Cool EKG Cases Cool Cases
Arianna Campbell General Medicine
Maria Tiamson-Kassab Medical Systems and Psychiatric Co-Morbidities Psychiatry
Raja Sivamani & Jessica Maloh Integrative Medicine and Dermatology: The Influence of Nutrition, Mind-Body, and the Microbiome General Medicine
Anita Nelson Cool Cases in Women's Reproductive Health Cool Cases
Matthew Levine Endocrine Pearls for the Primary Care PA General Medicine
Maria Tiamson-Kassab Decisional Capacity Psychiatry
Kim Zuber Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease General Medicine
Fadra Whyte Teeth- Turns out they are Attached to the Body General Medicine
John Beuerle The Fountain of Youth in the Palm of Your Hand: Medical Aesthetics General Medicine
Sonny Cline Managing Difficult Patients Psychiatry
Soha Dolatabadi How to Recognize Spondyloarthritis General Medicine
D. Brady Pregerson Misses and Near Misses from the ER Cool Cases
Curtis Fowler General Medicine
John Beuerle A Case that'll Make You Sweat Cool Cases
Kim Zuber The Role and Utility of MRA in Diabetic Kidney Disease General Medicine
Sonny Cline Psychiatry for the Primary Care Provider Psychiatry
Nancy Hamler Integrating Nutrition Therapy into Patient Care General Medicine
Joe Gilboy Atypical Presentations of Can't Miss Cases Cool Cases
Brianna Cardenas Joint Hypermobility and the Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes General Medicine
J. Michael Smith Psychiatric Emergencies Psychiatry
Alicia Quella General Medicine
Katrina Duarte Ulceration and Behcet's Disease Cool Cases
Linda Hill Cannabis: Management of Use and Misuse of THC General Medicine
Andrew Lowe Pain Management in the Patient with Opioid Use Disorder General Medicine

This program series has been reviewed and is approved for a maximum of 36 hours Category I CME credits by AAPA.
*Hands-on workshops not available.