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CAPACareers Expo

CAPACareers Expo


The CAPACareers Expo is a professional launchpad for early career PAs, PAs seeking lateral mobility, and PA students ready to get a head start in their profession. This group is exploring practice setting options, employment opportunities, fellowship programs, doctoral programs, and specialty experience.

CAPACareers Expo will encompass a half-day of:

  • Business/practice lecture topics
  • Mock interviews
  • Engagement with employers and recruiters throughout and outside of California
  • Introductions to residencies and doctoral programs

Registration is free*!

*Must be a CAPA member.

Exhibits and Sponsorships
California PA schools graduate approximately 1,400 new PAs and accepts another 1,600 students each year. Among practicing PAs, about 7% change specialties in any given year. These laterally mobile PAs, student cohorts, and early career PAs are eager to get a jumpstart in their profession and see what practice setting or other options are most appropriate for their skills and interests.

The CAPACareers Expo provides an opportunity for practices, advanced education and training programs, and healthcare business providers to reach both fresh and experienced clinical talent.

To learn more about engagement and marketing opportunities at this event, contact Teresa Chien,

Check back soon for the next scheduled CAPACareers Expo!