CAPA History

Over the past 41 years, CAPA has been the driving force to advance and protect the PA profession here in California. There is no other organization working solely for California PAs. In 2018, California PAs enjoy a PA Practice Act that was largely crafted by the work of CAPA. There is still much to do, but California PAs have fought hard for some tremendous changes that have advanced the profession here in California.

We invite you to take a peek at the timeline presented at the 2016 CAPA Conference as we celebrated CAPA’s 40th Anniversary. This timeline only allows space for a few, key highlights from each year. There is so much more CAPA has done and continues to do every day and year. The support of CAPA members is integral as we bring bold, new proposals to modernize PA practice in California.

CAPA's Legislative and Regulatory Milestones

CAPA is constantly monitoring and taking action on legislation that can affect PA Practice here in California. View CAPA’s Legislative and Regulatory Milestones over the past 40+ years including sponsored legislation that allows California PAs to write prescriptions, sign for DMV physicals, reduce the number of charts that must be countersigned, reduce the ratio of physicians and PAs, obtain fluoroscopy permits, certify disability and so much more.

CAPA's Pride of the Profession Award

The Pride of the Profession is a very special award presented by CAPA to individuals that have made tremendous contributions to CAPA and the PA Profession.
It is CAPA’s highest honor. To date, it has only been awarded to 6 individuals. There is no set frequency for presenting the award.

Karen Bass 2007

Bob Sachs, 2008

Bob Miller 2012

Gaye Breyman, 2010

At CAPA’s 34th Annual Conference, Gaye Breyman, CAE was honored for 25 years of service to CAPA and California PAs, and was awarded the Pride of the Profession award.

Mike Scarano 2015

At the 2015 CAPA at Napa Conference, CAPA’s long time legal counsel Mike Scarano was awarded the Pride of the Profession Award. In Mike’s 25+ year history with CAPA, he positively contributed in uncountable ways to the PA profession.

Jeremy Adler 2018

At the 2018 CAPA Summer Conference, PA Jeremy Adler was honored with the Pride of the Profession award and a Resolution from the California State Assembly.