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Thank you for joining CAPA and thousands of other PAs in the state! This is the first step in accessing a spectrum of services specifically designed for PAs.

Please select a membership type from the menu below to begin your application process.
If you are a current CAPA member, log in with your email address as your username and enter your password.
Forgot password? Select the ‘forgot password’ option. An email will be sent to you with a temporary password. Copy and paste the password directly into the password box.
If you do not receive a password reset email or the temporary password does not work, you may have an inactive account. Call the CAPA office at 714-427-0321 to reactivate your account or create you a new account.
If you let your membership lapse you may create a new account by filling out the membership application (Note: do not select a suggested account) click “None. Create a new account now”. Or you may call the CAPA office to help you join CAPA again.
If you have any questions regarding membership, please email or call 714-427-03
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