If you have explored any part of CAPA’s History you will see many instances in which an external threat, whether it be a bill or another medical organization, almost decimated the PA profession as we know it. From barriers to PA employment to limitations on PAs’ scope of practice, being the “newest profession on the medical block” and the least understood, PAs have to fight constantly to protect their profession while trying to advance it at the same time.
It is certainly a challenge, but PAs are not doing this alone. Successful legislative advocacy is led by the CAPA Political Action Committee (CAPA PAC), a bipartisan organization led by and for PAs. CAPA PAC supports candidates for state office who share CAPA’ vision for PAs in healthcare, their patients, and the public health of all Californians.

CAPA PAC Members: 

Chair: Members:
Cherri Penne-Myers, PA Vidal Cordova, PA-C
  Jason Fisher-Beck, PA-C
  Cynthia Flores, PA-C


Q: What is the purpose of the CAPA-PAC?
A: CAPA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is one way by which PAs can participate in the political process.

Q: To whom does the collected money go?
A: Financial support to the CAPA PAC helps forge relationships with California state legislators. Legislators supported by the CAPA PAC are more likely to lend an ear to PA practice and public health issues. Contributions from the PAC motivate these low-making leaders to advocate for the physician-team model at the Capitol.

Q: I already pay CAPA dues, why am I asked to contribute separately to the CAPA-PAC?
A:The laws governing political action committees are very restrictive. Contributions to any PAC must be voluntary and not tax-deductible. They also cannot be used to staff salaries, lobbying services, or volunteer time/expenses. Therefore, membership dues, unfortunately, cannot be used for PAC purposes. Although CAPA is thankful for all of its members’ loyalty as demonstrated in the payment of their dues, by law, the CAPA PAC cannot access any part of your dues to influence legislators. So we thank you in advance for taking the extra step in protecting your profession by giving to the CAPA PAC!