CAPA's Political Action Committee

California PAs have come a long way and much of our progress happens due to our strong relationships with legislators. As a mature profession, we need to remain committed and understand the importance of organized political action. Legislators must raise money every day of the year, from the day they declare their candidacy until the day they retire from politics. Each and every day they are in office they need to raise funds for the next race and/or to repay the debt from the previous one.

Why do we care and why do we want you to give your hard-earned dollars to the CAPA PAC so we can give it to California legislators? Because it shows a strong commitment to engaging in the political process. (Please note, we may not use CAPA membership fees to contribute to political campaigns.)

What we have to remember is that, in order to be part of the political environment, we must participate in the political process to promote and protect PA practice in California. Part of the political process is to donate funds to political campaigns. We often deplete the funds in the CAPA PAC each year and begin to raise PAC funds again. It is a yearly cycle and we always encourage each PA in the state to give to the CAPA PAC each and every year.