The California Academy of PAs Foundation is organized exclusively for charitable, scientific, and educational purposes. The CAPA Foundation was formed as a statewide non-profit organization dedicated to engaging the PA workforce in addressing social determinants of health to reduce health inequities and disparities as well as improve health outcomes for all people in California. It will serve to educate PAs, patients and the general public in a best practice method to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities throughout the state. Scientific contributions will be consistent with research to promote the safety, efficacy, and use of PAs in a collaborative model of health care services delivery.

The CAPA Foundation aims to collaborate with various health care and community partners to provide and engage in education, public health interventions, and strategic health workforce initiatives aimed at improving health outcomes. Priority areas for the CAPA Foundation include, but are not limited to; increasing and promoting opportunities for interprofessional collaboration and education in population health, identifying preventable chronic diseases and strategies to reduce their incidence and prevalence, support strategies to strengthen healthcare safety, and increase access to care.

Available Foundation Scholarship:

Recipients of the Stuart Pinto Memorial Scholarship are PA students embody Pinto’s spirit, passion for the PA profession, and his commitment to excellent patient care.