Welcome to the California Academy of PAs Website

The success of CAPA has never rested on one individual’s shoulders. CAPA is a collection of interdependent collaborations and actions of current and past Presidents, Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and members, Executive Directors, and the general membership. At its root, the PA profession is teamwork, as is CAPA. I am again humbled, honored, and privileged to assume the role of President and be a part of this great organization and its many current and past leaders.

Even before creating and adopting a formal vision statement, CAPA has always held firm to a central belief of fully integrating PAs into every aspect of California’s health care. I recently had the opportunity to review agendas and minutes from the first CAPA board meeting. It is striking to see the recurrent nature of certain PA profession challenges in terms of defining and formalizing scope of practice issues. The vision statement guided every single decision that CAPA made in the past. It guides CAPA now and will continue to serve CAPA in the future.

PAs are essential for the delivery of health care in California and without PAs, the future of health care would be very bleak. As President, my platform is to further promote CAPA’s vision to integrate PAs into every aspect of California’s health care. Not only would I like to see more clinically practicing PAs throughout California, I would like to see more PAs in areas of leadership.

CAPA is also known for its services to members. CAPA will continue to provide high quality CME and educate PAs in California. CAPA will continue to offer California PA Board’s approved Controlled Substance Education Courses (CSEC) throughout California.

CAPA will continue to be an interactive team-oriented force in Sacramento, where we have a positive and widely known reputation for honesty and fairness, while promoting the PA agenda. This standing reputation and our lobbyist assist CAPA in establishing and continuing collaborative relationships with California leaders.

It is an honor to be part of the current CAPA leadership team, but it is the team-work minded partnerships forged within this institution that will propel the PA profession forward. Thank you for your confidence in me, CAPA’s leadership team, and the PA profession.

Sincerely yours,
Roy Guizado, MS, PA-C, DFAAPA