Student Representative

The Student Representative has full voting privileges on the CAPA Board of Directors. The Student Representative shall serve as representative of students attending each of the PA programs in the state.


  • Fiduciary Duty of Care, Obedience and Loyalty.
  • Represent students from each of the PA programs in California.
  • Shall be a liaison with the Student Academy of the AAPA.
  • Stay abreast of issues affecting the profession and CAPA.
  • Actively participate in the debate of issues and vote wisely.
  • Serve as Chair of the Student Affairs Sub-Committee which includes the student representatives of the 16 California PA schools.
  • Submit articles for publication when assigned to do so by the Editor of the CAPA News.
  • Work as a member of the board to identify direction and necessary actions/steps needed to achieve our goals. Allocate resources (both human and financial), striving always to attract, attain and retain the best individuals to accomplish the work of the Academy.
  • Other tasks as may be assigned by the President or Board of Directors.

Reports to: CAPA Membership
Elected by: Student Members
Length of Term: One year

Time Commitment:
Average time commitment is approximately 50 hours in a year or 2-3 hours per month. Time commitments may be more or less depending on: meeting attendance, conference call participation, content contribution, and average communications with CAPA leaders and staff.

Receipt of this completed form and supplemental documents is required by March 26, 2021, 5:00 pm. The Nominating Committee completes its review and notifies all potential candidates by April 16