Ray Dale Award

Ray Dale was the Executive Officer of the Physician Assistant Committee (now Physician Assistant Board) from 1980 through 2000. Dale was instrumental in the development and growth of CAPA in its early years. Working with the Department of Consumer Affairs, he provided counsel and advocacy on many legislative issues affecting the PA profession and was indelible in making the profession what it is today. The Ray Dale Memorial Scholarship honors the work of a man who dedicated his life to bettering the PA profession and protecting patients.

Recipients of the Ray Dale Memorial Scholarship are PA students who have demonstrated not only excellent academic stranding, but also participate in activities or programs that promote or advance the PA profession. If you are a student enrolled in a California PA school with a Student category membership within CAPA, you may be eligible to apply for this $2,000 scholarship. Please follow the eligibility and application below.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants of the Ray Dale Memorial Scholarship must:

  • Be a California resident
  • Be a student enrolled in a California ARC-PA or successor agency-approved PA program
  • Be a CAPA Student Member
  • Maintain good academic standing within their PA program, as defined and confirmed by the PA Program Director
  • Demonstrate financial need, in the form of receiving program or general financial assistance
  • Submit a statement of intent to practice medicine as a PA, take the NCCPA Board examination within 60 days after graduation, and serve as a CAPA volunteer leader for at least one year within five years of graduation

Application Enclosures
  • CAPA Student Scholarship Application. Complete and be sure to indicate in the application which scholarship you are applying for. Applicants are eligible to receive only one scholarship. Past recipients of CAPA or CAPA Foundation scholarships ineligible to apply.
  • Essay (MS Word or PDF format) that encompasses the following:
  • Description of activities you performed to promote the PA profession, e.g. involvement in your community, your school, a student organization, or CAPA
  • Why you think it is important to promote the PA profession
  • Personal and professional goals
  • Why you believe you should be awarded this scholarship
  • Financial statements demonstrating receipt of support from your school Financial Aid Office or other entity. All statements will be handled and kept confidential.
  • Confirmation letter from the PA Program Director of your academic standing.

Scholarship submissions and enclosures may be submitted to capa@capanet.org with the subject line: Ray Dale Memorial Scholarship Applicant. Submissions may also be mailed to the CAPA office at 2318 S. Fairview Street, Santa Ana, CA 92704. The deadline for all submissions is December 31.