CAPAs Notes

CAPA's NotsThe CAPA office gets daily inquiries about laws and regulations affecting the day-to-day practice of PAs in California. For many PAs, collaborating physicians or administrators, it may be difficult and time consuming to search through the 29 California Codes containing the laws of our state or the “Titles” found in our CA Code of Regulations (CCR) to find answers to their questions.

Several years ago our Executive Director, Gaye Breyman, CAE, wanted to design a educational tool to provide easy access to the most pertinent regulations and laws governing the day-to-day practice of PAs – CAPAsNotes was launched eleven years ago. We update the material as laws or regulations change. Typically, laws are enacted through legislation and when appropriate, regulations are then promulgated to determine how the law will be administered. You must be in compliance with both the laws and the regulations. CAPAsNotes is not meant to be a complete resource for all laws and regulations pertaining to PA practice.