Professional Practice Committee

Committee Chair: Bob Miller  Committee Members: 
  Jeremy Meis 
  Arianna Sampson 
  Brett Bergman 
  Chris Osborn 
  Jeremy Adler 

The goals and focus of the Committee are:
  • To identify general concerns affecting the professional practice of PAs.
  • Research issues regarding reimbursement, credentialing, scope of practice and the application of laws and regulations regarding PA practice.
  • Provide education to all stake-holders to promote compliance with laws, regulations and policies.
  • Make recommendations to the CAPA Board regarding the need for legislative or regulatory change.
The terms of service on the Professional Practice Committee are:
Appointment: Appointment to the Committee is on an annual term, from July 1st through June 30th. Members may be appointed at any time during the year to fill a specific need. Interest in reappointment to the Committee should be sent to the chair by early June.

Meetings: Most meetings will be via conference calls and occur at least 2 – 3 times annually. The Committee may also meet in person during the year as needed. Committee members will be reimbursed for approved expenses relating to participation on the Committee. Other communication will be via email or telephone.

  • Identify issues and concerns which affect the appropriate function of the PA in the workplace
  • Research assignments may be given regarding specific laws, regulations, reimbursement issues and policies regarding professional practice Research may include one time analysis or ongoing monitoring to report to the Committee
  • Help to provide education to stake-holders via the magazine, website or at an educational event
  • Submit articles for publication when assigned to do so by the Editor of the CAPA News.