PA Schools Sub Committee

The PA Schools Sub-Committee is an adjunct of CAPA’s Membership Committee. Its goal is to recruit new members to CAPA by working with PA schools to create and provide services that are valued by students and alumni. Each year, CAPA also puts forth calls for applications for CAPA PA Scholarships and the Ruth Webb Memorial Scholarship. The PA Schools Sub-Committee will convene for the purposes of awarding the general scholarships. The Sub-Committee on Diversity will convene with the PA Schools Sub-Committee for the purpose of selecting the Ruth Webb Scholarship.
CAPA has a Student Affairs Sub-Committee composed of all the student representatives of the 16 California PA schools. The PA Schools Sub-Committee may occasionally collaborate with the Student Affairs Sub-Committee, should the activity call for it.

The PA Schools Sub-Committee is tasked with: 

  • Assisting the Board of Directors, staff and any other leaders of CAPA with matters that pertain to PA schools and students.
  • Helping to maintain regular communication between CAPA, PA Program Directors and PA Program Faculty.
  • Developing strategies to increase CAPA membership among PA faculty and PA students.
  • Helping to identify synergistic needs/benefits between PA Programs and CAPA that are consistent with CAPA’s mission and vision.
  • Writing articles or curating content for CAPA’s various publications and communication platforms.
Please submit your statement of interest and CV below: