Political Action Committee

Committee Chair: Cherri Penne-Myers Committee Members: 
  Brett Bergman 
  Cynthia Flores
  Jason Fisher-Beck 
  Vidal Cordova 

The Political Action Committee (PAC) is a separate organizational entity from CAPA, known as a 527 organization. The PAC is separate from CAPA, because, by law, associations are prohibited from providing direct political support. The PAC is able to do so because the funds are considered to be from members, not CAPA itself.
The objective of the PAC is to pool campaign contributions from CAPA members and donate those funds to support candidates for elective office who share CAPA’s interests and concerns about legislative issues.
The PAC is tasked with:
  • Authorizing all contributions to candidates, using CAPA’s advocacy goals as a framework
  • Providing general oversight of the PAC
  • Promoting the PAC and positively represent its work to fellow CAPA members and other stakeholders.
  • Operating with transparency in screening and authorizing contributions
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