California Physician Assistant and Supervising Physician’s Legal Handbook (4th Edition – 2014)

This handbook is available through the CAPA office. It includes chapters on scope of practice, drug orders, required documents and supervision, and in addition, chapters discussing Medicare and Medi-Cal. Also included are topics such as malpractice, fraud and abuse laws, confidentiality and disciplinary actions. Employment agreements, practice ownership and PAs as independent contractors are covered.

Your knowledge of and adherence to the laws that govern PA practice in California are as important to your career as your knowledge of medicine is to patient care.

You worked hard for your license and it doesn’t make any sense to put yourself in a position to be cited for a violation of the PA Practice Act or charged for Medicare or Medi-Cal fraud and/or abuse. All PA supervisors should also be aware of the laws which regulate PA practice.

Check with you supervising physician and/or practice/clinic administrator to see if they would purchase this book for the practice. It is an invaluable resource to have at your fingertips.

Note: The fourth edition of the California PA and Supervising Physician’s Legal Handbook was published in 2014. CAPA has provided an addendum to the book which references changes in the law due to the passage of SB 337.

About the Author

Michael Scarano, Jr., served as General Counsel to the California Academy of PAs for over 25 years. In that capacity, Mike advised CAPA, its members and their employers on a wide range of legal issues. He also played a major role in the evolution of PA law in California by authoring a number of bills successfully sponsored by CAPA which have enhanced the ability of PAs to serve their patients. Mike authored issues and position papers for the American Academy of PAs, as well as for CAPA, and is nationally recognized in the area of PA law.

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