PA Education Committee

Committee Chair: Bill Edmonds Committee Members: 
  Vince Caserio 
  Catherine Dam 

The goals and focus of the Committee are:
  • Increase and encourage student activity within CAPA
  • Assist Board of Directors and CAPA Committees with student-related issues
  • Review applicants and determine recipients various student scholarships
  • Enhance CAPA’s relationship with PA Programs
  • Develop areas of common interests between PA Programs and CAPA
The terms of service on the PA Committee are:
Appointment: Appointment to the Committee is on an annual term, from July 1st through June 30th. Members may be appointed at any time during the year to fill a vacancy. Interest in reappointment to the Committee should be sent to the chair by early June.

Meetings: Most meetings will be via conference calls and occur 2 – 3 times annually. The Committee may also meet in person a few times annually as needed. Committee members need to be available for CAPA Conferences as needed. Committee members will be reimbursed for approved expenses relating to participation on the Committee. Other communication will be via email or telephone.

  • Arranging presentations regarding CAPA for incoming students in all California PA Programs at the discretion of the program faculty
  • Developing mechanisms to increase student membership and participation
  • Providing guidance for students at CAPA Conferences
  • Present student concerns to the Board of Directors as needed
  • Mentoring of students for leadership
  • May serve on Student Scholarship Subcommittee which is responsible for selecting winners of the CAPA General Scholarships and forwarding to Committee on Diversity appropriate applications as needed
  • Annual call for applications for student scholarships
  • Submit articles for publication when assigned to do so by the Editor of the CAPA News.
  • Develop and maintain a method of regular communication between CAPA and PA Program Directors and PA Program faculty.
  • Increase CAPA membership among PA faculty.
  • Hold annual meeting with PA Program faculty at the Fall CAPA conference.
  • Identify PA Program needs that can be met by CAPA.
  • Actively promote membership in CAPA and encourage faculty to promote membership in CAPA to their students.
Please submit your statement of interest and CV below: