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AJ Kennedy, CAE
Communications Director
Californians Allied for Patient Protection
1215 K Street, Suite 2015
Sacramento, CA 95814
Office: 916.448.7992



Californians Allied for Patient Protection (CAPP) is the statewide coalition to protect access to health care through California’s landmark Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA). MICRA ensures injured patients receive fair compensation while preserving access to health care by keeping physician assistants, doctors, nurses and other health care providers in practice and hospitals and clinics open. Without MICRA’s protections, many of California’s most vulnerable populations would face reduced access to much-needed services.

CAPA is an active member of the CAPP coalition and also serves on its board of directors. CAPP and CAPA will be working together to protect against a 2022 statewide ballot initiative that would effectively eliminate MICRA, drive up health care costs, and restrict access to care throughout California.

CAPP’s coalition includes more than 1,000 organizations representing PAs, doctors, nurses, community clinics, hospitals, public safety organizations, women’s health advocates, emergency providers, local governments, labor unions, and other health care professionals.

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