Membership Committee

Committee Chair:  Adam Mogil  

The Membership Committee is responsible for the general recruitment and retention of CAPA members. Its goal is to support existing efforts while recommending and developing new methods of maintaining member satisfaction while attracting more PAs to CAPA, with the ultimate objective of growing a strong member base.

The Membership Committee oversees and collaborates with four sub-committees that similarly serve to retain and recruit members from specific groups of PAs.
  • PA Schools Sub-Committee: Responsible for activities relating and affecting the 16 PA schools/programs in California
  • Early Career PAs Sub-Committee: Responsible for activities most relevant to and affecting students about to graduate from PA school and those PAs practicing six years or less
  • Student Affairs Sub-Committee: Responsible for activities most relevant to and affecting PA students
  • Diversity Sub-Committee: Responsible for activities that focus on the holistic inclusion of PAs from a variety of backgrounds, including race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and culture.
  • The members of the Membership Committee are composed of the Chairs of each sub-committee and up tot three more CAPA volunteers, as appointed by the Membership Chai
The Membership Committee is tasked with:
  • Assisting the Board of Directors, staff and any other leaders of CAPA with matters that pertain to membership.
  • Identifying the needs of members and developing services to meet those needs.
  • Gathering information on and analyzing non-member needs and perceptions of CAPA.
  • Recommending and developing strategies to meet non-member needs in order to increase CAPA membership.
  • Recommending and participating in activities that acknowledge new members and encourage participation in CAPA activities.
  • Writing articles or curating content for CAPA’s various publications and communication platforms that remind members or introduce non-members of CAPA member value.
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