Information for Employers

The California Academy of PAs (CAPA) has compiled the following information as a resource to facilitate
the hiring of PAs in various practice settings. The information, available to CAPA member PAs and their
employers, will serve to clarify many aspects of the physician/PA partnership. We have included
excerpts from California laws and regulations as well as policies from other agencies such as Medicare
and Medi-Cal with regard to PA practice.

This guide is meant to provide current information, illustrating how PAs are a unique solution to the
challenge of providing high value and quality healthcare. The California Academy of PAs represents the
majority of PAs in California.

If you are a physician who does not currently employ a PA with member access to this site and would
like to know more about how a PA can benefit your practice, please contact the CAPA office and we will
mail you a copy of the Employer Packet*.

The “Employer Packet” includes:

Excerpts From the Laws and Regulations
Article 1, B & P Code, 3500-3503.5
Article 4, CCR, 1399.540-1399.546

Medi-Cal Manual Excerpts:
“NMP” Section, Pages 1-9
Surgical Assistant Modifier, Page 8

Medical Services Provided Under Medicare

Samples of Delegation of Services Agreement