Early Career PAs Sub-Committee

The Early Career PAs Sub-Committee is an adjunct of CAPA’s Membership Committee. Its goal is to retain graduating student members and recruit new members to CAPA by developing and providing services that are valued by early career PAs (defined as PA school graduates and PAs practicing under six years.
Due to the transitional nature between PA education and practice, the Early Career PAs Sub-Committee may occasionally collaborate with other volunteer committees, most notably the PA Schools Sub-Committee, the Student Affairs Sub-Committee, and the Professional Practices Committee.
The Early Career PAs Sub-Committee is tasked with:

  • Assisting the Board of Directors, staff and any other leaders of CAPA with matters that pertain to early career PAs.
  • Identifying the needs of early career PAs and developing services to meet those needs in order to recruit new members and grow a strong membership base.
  • Encouraging early career PAs to participate in CAPA activities.
  • Writing articles or curating content for CAPA’s various publications and communication platforms that are relevant to early career PAs or spotlight CAPA programs that remind early career PAs of member value.
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