CAPA Response to Joint Letter From Emergency Medicine Physician Organizations Regarding Postgraduate Training for PAs

On behalf of the 13,000 PAs in California, CAPA remains concerned about the frequency at which physician organizations are attempting to impose arbitrary barriers restricting PAs. In a statement recently published, numerous physician organizations stated their opinion that PAs should have restrictions to post-graduate training, titles and practice.

The evidence is clear and overwhelming that PAs are an integral member of the healthcare team. PAs are highly trained and capable clinicians. Our ability to pivot to where care is needed is among one of our most valuable assets, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Those PAs which seek to pursue optional post-graduate training only further advance the skills they can ultimately offer to their communities.

We stand with the APPAPSEMPA, and AAPA in speaking out against this unsubstantiated and divisive rhetoric. Our resounding belief is that PAs optimally practice as a part of the healthcare team when they function in collaboration with other healthcare providers. More barriers certainly do not serve the best interests of patients. We need more PAs in every aspect of California's healthcare, not less.