CAPA’s Statement in Response to AMA’s #StopScopeCreep Campaign

The AMA recently posted, and later removed after being confronted with a flood of outrage, the social media post you see above. In the midst of a pandemic, where healthcare providers are dying in staggering numbers, the AMA is choosing to use divisive rhetoric in an attempt to diminish the role of PAs and to create distrust from the public. At a time when we should be saying “we are all in this together,” and rallying to meet the unprecedented challenges we face at the present moment, these tone-deaf remarks by the AMA are, instead, damaging the healthcare institutions where PAs have bravely served during this pandemic. In fact, research has found that over half of all PAs have either tested, treated, or diagnosed COVID-19 patients.

So there is no confusion, AMA, hear this: Acting to the full extent of our training and experience is not “scope creep.” It's simply doing what PAs are educated to do. PAs take care of patients, first and foremost. The AMA's bizarre decision to sow division between, rather than unite, healthcare providers in the middle of a pandemic is at odds with the intense and patient-focused collaboration shown by PAs who are saving lives every day. In contrast, PAs will continue to choose to lead by example. The evidence is clear. PAs are essential for patients to access high-quality and affordable healthcare. The AMA's lack of judgment was made apparent by their ultimate decision to remove their post. It should never have been posted in the first place.

Now, let's get back to work.