The Board of Directors and Committee Chairs serve terms from July 1st to June 30th* of each year. Elections occur in May.

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CAPA Board of Directors July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020

Bob Miller, PA

Jaymee Castillo, PA-C

Cherri Penne-Myers, PA

Saloni Swarup, MS, PA-C

Carlitos Chen, PA-S
Student Representative

Teresa Chien
Executive Director

CAPA Committees and Chairs

CME Committee

Chair: Scott Martin, PA-C
Aaron Kan, PA-C
Beverly Ruppert, PA-C

Professional Practice Committee

Chair: Bob Miller, PA
Brett Bergman, MPA, PA-C
Jeremy Meis, PA-C
Chris Osborn, PA-C
Arianna Sampson, PA-C

PA Education Committee

Committee on Diversity

Chair: Saloni Swarup, MS, PA-C
Alkiesha Collins, PA-C

Task Force on Optimal Team Practice

CAPA Political Action Committee

Chair: Cherri Penne-Myers, PA
Cyndy Flores, PA-C
Brett Bergman, MPA, PA-C
Ana Maldonado, MPH, DHSc, PA-C

Public Education Committee
& Nominating Committee

Chair: Eric Glassman, MHS, PA-C
Public Education Committee Members:
Scott Martin, MSPA, EMPA, PA-C

Ex Officio Members:

Roy Guizado, MS, PA-C, President

Nominating Committee Members:
Christy Eskes, DHSc, MPA, PA-C
Kevin Robertson, MHS, PA-C

Delegates to the AAPA House of Delegates 2020 - Nashville, Tennessee

Julie Theriault, PA-C
Chief Delegate

Jeremy A. Adler, MS, PA-C

Tracey DelNero, MSPAS, PA-C

Sandra Fineman, PA-C

Grace P. Landel, PA-C, MEd

Judy Ortiz PhD, PA-C

Ana Maldonado, DHSc, MPH, PA-C

Cherri Penne-Myers, PA

Saloni Swarup, MS, PA-C