NCCPA Lobbying Derails PA Legislation

Take Action Now. As the voice for California PAs, CAPA will do all we can to prevent NCCPA from hurting PA practice and restricting patient access to care. We need all California PAs to be CAPA members and we urge you to contact NCCPA leaders at or (678) 417-8100 and demand that NCCPA stop the lobbying that is so harmful to PAs and patients.

The NCCPA Continues to Target States and Insert Requirements for Current Certification for License Renewal

Unfortunately, due to lobbying by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants (NCCPA), West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice vetoed a bill on April 12 that had been unanimously approved by the legislature and would have expanded access to high quality healthcare, particularly in rural and medically underserved areas of the state.

AAPA has repeatedly asked NCCPA to halt its lobbying, which has thus far targeted West Virginia, New Mexico and Illinois. In all three states, NCCPA has pushed a false and self-serving narrative. Contrary to NCCPA’s claims, there is no evidence that recertification testing improves quality of care or patient safety. As a result, AAPA has consistently opposed statutory requirements for PAs to take NCCPA recertification tests for license renewal. In fact, 31 states and D.C. do not link PA recertification and licensure. AAPA believes that PAs should be required to maintain their licenses through continuing medical education (CME).

NCCPA lobbyists are also interfering in Illinois, and in the same way. NCCPA is attempting to add a new recertification requirement for license renewal in the must-pass reauthorization of the state’s PA practice act. If a reauthorization bill does not pass, PAs will no longer be permitted to practice in the state.

In New Mexico, the state PA chapter worked with members of the legislature and a number of stakeholders to craft a comprehensive and progressive bill. But NCCPA’s lobbying dealt a blow to the legislation. NCCPA was successful in inserting a requirement for current certification for license renewal into the bill. After NCCPA raised its objections, other groups also requested amendments, which ultimately weakened the bill. The legislature approved the measure and the governor signed it April 6.

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