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CAPA Student Scholarships



    Congratulations to the 2015 Scholarship Recipients:   

    Ruth Webb Memorial:
    Jennifer DeMoss, PA-S
    Marshall B. Ketchum University

    Community Outreach:
    Nicole Glennon, PA-S
    USC, Keck School of Medicine

    Ray Dale Memorial:
    Anthony Shultz, PA-S
    Loma Linda University

  • CAPA currently offers 3 scholarships. Each Student Member can apply for one of them while enrolled in good standing in a PA program.


    The Ray Dale Memorial Scholarship – $2000 Scholarship

    Ray Dale served as Executive Officer of the Physician Assistant Committee from 1980-2000, and was instrumental in the development and growth of CAPA as an organization representing our profession. Working with the Department of Consumer Affairs, he would give CAPA good counsel and support regarding legislative issues, and would help by acting as our “lobbyist” and “attorney” when CAPA could not afford one. He contributed his time and his efforts to the growth of the PA profession and protection of its consumers.

    The Ruth Webb Minority Scholarship – $2000 Scholarship

    Ruth Webb served as program director for the Charles R. Drew University PA Program for several years, and was actively involved with numerous local, state, and national professional organizations. She was not one to sit back and let others do the work. She took a very active role doing committee work. She served as Vice Chair of the Board on Medical Quality Assurance, member of the Physician Assistant Examining Committee, member of the California Council Of PA and NP programs, and founding member of the LA County Joint Practice Advisory Council on NP and PA. Known for “keeping it real”, she would do whatever it took to help students achieve the goal of becoming PAs.

    The Community Outreach Scholarship – $2000 Scholarship

    This scholarship will be awarded to a student who is currently in good academic standing and has demonstrated community outreach and other philanthropic activities as a student.

    Student Members of CAPA currently enrolled in primary care PA Programs located in the state of California are eligible to apply for CAPA scholarships. If you are not yet a CAPA member, this is another good reason to join CAPA today.

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