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    We all win when CAPA’s membership numbers grow. With big membership numbers comes greater political influence, greater financial resources with which to accomplish our goals and a much greater chance for success in all we do.

    All California PAs benefit from the work CAPA does. Unfortunately, not all California PAs are CAPA members.

    Until PAs – all PAs — become as dedicated and driven as members of some other groups in California we won’t find ourselves on a level playing field.

    Get a Member

    Let them know the importance of being a CAPA member. Impress upon them that it is the responsibility of each and every California PA (not just some of us) to be part of the effort to promote and protect PA practice in California.

    And, be sure to tell them to put your name on their membership application when they join so you get free stuff.

    Get Free Stuff

    When a new Fellow or Associate member joins (and notes your name on their membership application) upon approval of their membership we will credit your account for $25 towards a future purchase for one of the following:

    • $25 off CAPA Conference Basic Course Registration
    • $25 off future CAPA Controlled Substances Education Course
    • $25 off next year’s CAPA membership dues
    • OR Request a FREE copy of the California Physician Assistant’s and Supervising Physician Handbook written by R. Michael Scarano, Jr., Esq.

    Get Started Today

    Thank you in advance for your help in making CAPA better, bigger and stronger. Let us know what we can do to help you spread the word.