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    Just One California PA
    Just One CAPA Membership
    Just One Degree

    At 211 degrees water is hot.
    At 212 degrees, it boils.
    And with boiling water comes steam.
    And, steam can power a locomotive.
    One extra degree makes
    all the difference.
    – Sam Parker

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    Your CAPA Membership Makes All The Difference!

    Your individual membership matters a great deal. If each and every PA in California remains a member of CAPA, each and every year throughout their entire career, the impact on the profession in California would be profound. Thank you for being a CAPA member. Membership dues dollars are what keep CAPA working for you. Dues revenue pays for the phones, the website, the office rent, travel to meetings with legislators and regulators, our Legislative Advocate, our staff, the production and mailing of material including our award-winning magazine, the CAPA News and all it takes to promote and protect PA practice in California.

    Membership numbers and membership dues provide the steam that runs the engine which drives CAPA to work each day for you.

    Know you are the one California PA who
    will make all the difference!


    Membership Dues Information

    CAPA Memberships are annual and run from May 1 to April 30. Dues are prorated according to the chart at the bottom of the page. Membership dues are not refundable. Please note: you can apply for membership and pay membership dues online, however, new memberships are subject to review by CAPA. Read More »

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    Earn a $25 Credit – Recruit a New CAPA Member

    We all win when CAPA’s membership numbers grow. Click here to find out how to recruit a PA friend or colleague. 

    Request Membership Information By Mail

    If you would like to receive CAPA membership information by mail, please use this handy form to send us your address. Of course, you can download our PDF and get started on your application right away. Read More »