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    The California Academy of Physician Assistants (CAPA) has compiled the following information as a resource to facilitate the hiring of physician assistants in various practice settings. The information, available to CAPA member PAs and their employers, will serve to clarify many aspects of the physician/PA partnership. We have included excerpts from California laws and regulations as well as policies from other agencies such as Medicare and Medi-Cal with regard to PA practice.

    This guide is meant to provide current information, illustrating how physician assistants are a unique solution to the challenge of providing both cost effective and high quality health care. The California Academy of Physician Assistants represents the majority of PAs in California.

    If you are a physician who does not currently employ a PA with member access to this site and would like to know more about how a PA can benefit your practice, please contact the CAPA office and we will mail you a copy of the Employer Packet*.

    The “Employer Packet” includes:

    Excerpts From the Laws and Regulations
    Article 1, B & P Code, 3500-3503.5
    Article 4, CCR, 1399.540-1399.546

    Medi-Cal Manual Excerpts:
    “NMP” Section, Pages 1-9
    Billing Example, Pages 1 & 2
    Surgical Assistant Modifier, Page 8

    Medical Services Provided Under Medicare

    Samples of Delegation of Services Agreement

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