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    There are a number of different opportunities for CAPA service as a volunteer. You may want to get your feet wet by volunteering to join a particular committee in which you are interested.

    Per CAPA Policy 501.00, to serve on a CAPA committee, either as a member or as Chair, one must be either a Fellow, Associate, Military, Student or Interim Student CAPA member in good standing throughout the entire term of service.

    The following are some of the committees currently active in CAPA:

    Nominating - Serves to identify and encourage new leaders in CAPA. Also, helps to oversee the election process.

    Political Action – CAPA’s Political Action Committee (PAC) is responsible for identifying appropriate recipients of PAC contributions and approving those contributions.

    Public Education – Helps “PArtners in Medicine” share the profession through contacts with allied professionals, community service organizations, and the public we serve.

    Continuing Medical Education – Develops CME opportunities for PAs in California and provides non-dues revenue for the operating expenses of CAPA.

    Diversity – Addresses the needs and special interests of minority PAs and students.

    PA Program Relations – Serves as a liaison to the California PA Programs.

    Professional Practice – Serves to monitor trends in PA practice.

    Student Affairs – Coordinates the CAPA Scholarship program and maintains an alliance with California PA student organizations.

    Members of committees serve for one year and are chosen by the committee chair with the concurrence of the President of CAPA. Committee chairs are appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.

    Board of Directors

    Another way to serve is to run for an elected position on the CAPA Board of Directors.

    Director at Large – There are four directors elected each year. Of all the candidates who declare, the candidates with the top three vote totals are elected. Directors are responsible to attend all meetings of the Board, and are appointed to other duties at the discretion of the President.

    Secretary* – The secretary records all the activities of the Board, among other duties.

    Treasurer* – The treasurer is responsible for all of the fiscal affairs of the Academy.

    Vice President* – The vice president is second in command and presides at all meetings in the absence of the president. The VP completes the term of the sitting president if the president is unable to continue their term.

    President Elect* – The president elect begins a three year term upon election, and serves as the President of CAPA in the second year and immediate past president in the third year. This provides for strong leadership continuity in the Academy.

    Student Representative – The Student Representative is a voting member of the CAPA Board of Directors representing the PA students of California. S/he shall establish a liaison with California PA programs and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Board of Directors.

    You can only declare for one CAPA office per election, however, you can run for both CAPA BOD and AAPA House of Delegates at the same time. Elections are held the first Thursday of May each year. Declarations must be received in the CAPA office by February 15th.*Candidates must be a Fellow member in good standing of both AAPA and CAPA and must remain a Fellow member throughout their entire term.

    AAPA House of Delegates

    Delegate to the AAPA House of Delegates* – There are usually eight delegates elected to the House each year. Terms begin July 15, of the year following the election and end with the House in the following year. Delegates represent the interests of California PAs and may receive funding toward travel costs to the Annual Conference to attend the House of Delegates.


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