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President's Welcome

  • I welcome you to the California Academy of Physician Assistants website.


    Jeremy Adler, MS, PA-CIn my opinion, there has not been a better time to be a PA, and I am extremely honored to serve as President for one of the largest PA state chapters in the country.  As part of a larger leadership team at CAPA, you will find many exceptional and dedicated volunteer and staff leaders ready to adhere to our Academy’s Mission and move our organization towards its Vision.  Our leadership team, much like our profession is composed of individuals practicing in primary care and specialty care, as well as geographically in Northern and Southern California with sites that are urban, suburban and rural.  Some have practiced their whole careers in California,while others bring expertise from out of state. Although I personally consider myself a Californian, I received my PA training in New York.  What I saw of the health care system in New York has inspired me in my leadership roles in California.  PAs are so woven into the fabric of New York’s health care system, that a day without PAs would likely result in the collapse of the system in many parts of that state.  I believe we should strive for the same here in California.     

    CAPA has adopted a bold Vision statement: “Fully integrate PAs into every aspect of California's health care.”  

    My interpretation, as President, of this Vision is to move California toward a health care system in which PAs are an essential pillar to the systems’ operation.  This means, that PAs will be essential for the delivery of health care, and without PAs, it isn’t that the system will operate less efficiently, it is the system will come to a halt.  It is with this charge that solutions will be found and collaboration reached.  I see a state where PAs are a part of every health care team, and have a voice in every public policy discussion, health care bill and regulatory decision affecting health care.  In essence, as much as the voice of physicians and nurses is needed, so too will be the PAs.  

    To accomplish this goal, we must work together as PAs and as teams with other health care professions, legislators, regulators, law enforcement and others.  Of all health professions, PAs are the only one that has been specifically trained in team based care from our inception.  Team based care is in our DNA and is embraced at the core of our profession and Academy.  CAPA is committed to our joint statement:  

    We are mutually committed to continuing to improve safe access to health care by providing patient-centered, quality care within integrated, coordinated, physician-led teams.  






    As an organization, CAPA has a long list of amazing past leaders that have helped bring the profession in California to where it is today.  CAPA prides itself on services to members including:  CME of the highest quality at two annual professional conferences and a Physician Assistant Board approved Controlled Substance Education Course, a full-time Public Policy Director located in Sacramento, incredible institutional member and expertise in professional practice issues, a five-star legal team for both professional opinions and association governance, a highly functional Political Action Committee (PAC) and an emerging Foundation.  All of these services are executed under the direction of our Executive Director whose commitment to a “Nordstrom-style" approach to customer service places the needs of members at the forefront.  

    Again, it is a privilege to be at the head of this leadership team, but like everything else PA, it truly is in partnership with our leaders and members that we collectively will carry our profession forward.  Thank you for your confidence and support of CAPA and this wonderful profession.  

    Yours truly, 

    Jeremy A. Adler, MS, PA-C