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CAPA’s Mission Statement

  • The mission of the California Academy of PAsTM is to represent and serve PAs statewide. As an advocate of its members for the provision of quality health care, in collaboration with all health care professionals, CAPA will enhance, educate and empower PAs for the ultimate benefit of their patients.

    Vision Statement:


    Fully integrate PAs into every aspect of California's health care.



    The general purpose of the Academy is as set forth in its Articles of Incorporation. Within the context of such general purpose, the specific goals of the Academy shall be:

    • To expand access to health care for the citizens of California by promoting the physician assistant profession; 
    • To encourage its members to render quality service to the health professions and to the public; 
    • To develop, sponsor and evaluate continuing medical or medically related education programs for physician assistants; 
    • To assist in the development of role definition of the physician assistant; 
    • To sponsor and promote regulatory and legislative changes which will enhance the ability of the physician assistant to provide safe, cost-effective medical care to the citizens of California; 
    • To promote cooperation and harmony with other health professions in order to improve coordination and eliminate conflict within the health care delivery system; 
    • To serve as a public information center regarding the physician assistant profession for its members, other health professions and the public; 
    • To develop, coordinate and participate in studies having an impact either directly or indirectly on the physician assistant profession; 
    • To participate in the development of criteria leading to certification of the physician assistant; 
    • To engage in any other lawful activity permitted by the Nonprofit Mutual Benefit Corporation Law which directly or indirectly promotes quality, cost-effective and accessible healthcare; promotes the professional and personal development of the physician assistant; and/or promotes or protects the physician assistant profession.